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About Us


Bill Bachmann

Throughout his career Bill has inspired and enlightened literally millions of people internationally through his seminars, lectures, television talk shows, conferences, commercial assignments, radio shows, numerous magazine articles, and his own 15 published books. He has traveled on location to over 200 countries on all seven continents, worked with 5 US Presidents and photographed over 1500 magazine covers. He has completed countless assignments where he directed crews of models, assistants, art directors, clients and make-up artists to photograph major, well-known advertising campaigns. Nationally-acclaimed as a “people” shooter, his clients include many of the world’s major advertising agencies, travel companies, cruise ships, magazines, airlines, and Fortune 500 companies.

After admiring the work and drive of these talented individuals and realizing how much of his time is away from his Florida home, Bill decided to create a new company where the skills & talents of these excellent people could be showcased. And that simply is how Bachmann & Associates was born.

Bill Bachmann

About Bachmann & Associates

Because of his extensive travel and commitments, Bill has handpicked a sterling group of photographers & videographers for the Florida market. Maintaining a quality for which he is known – at a more moderate fee – was most important in the selection of his highly qualified Associates.

We look forward to our next project, whether big or small. We can make your job easier by doing all the planning … we can scout locations, cast models, do all the travel arrangements, plan make-up, stylists, etc, for a big project. Our clients appreciate the fact that we can shoot both stills and television-quality HD digital video using the same models to save time and money. Or for smaller jobs, we promise to show up and give you a GREAT attitude in addition to a GREAT product.

We are excited about offering our professional services to the Orlando and Florida markets. Bachmann & Associates wants to become your first source to fulfill your photography and videography needs. E-mail us and we will do our best to give you the finest service – while still working within your budget! We all feel our best project is the next one!

The Associates are listed below along with their bios. Bill is thrilled to have these talented and hardworking individuals that make up our Bachmann & Associates team.


Michele René

Michele René Niles received her B.S. in Business Management Entrepreneurship from the University of Central Florida. Michele then completed her Photographic Technology degree at the Southeast Center of Photographic Studies at Daytona State College.

Possessing both a business degree and a photographic degree, Michele has become a very valuable addition to Bachmann & Associates. 

Michele is currently the Studio Manager for Bill Bachmann Studios and a very valuable Associate Photographer as well.

Furthermore, Michele also has experience as an event manager for an event photography company where she managed nationwide cheerleading and dance events. Photography is a higher form of artistic expression for her, and in order to develop her own style, she believes it is important to have the courage to think freely, expressively, and inventively. Her specialties include: customer service, black and white photography, Photoshop, Lightroom, digital photography, Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, studio photography, location photography, etc.

Michele has a very full life including her hobbies of scuba diving, fishing, snow skiing, camping, kayaking, sports cars and the outdoors. At Bachmann & Associates, she is a important member of the team and shoots for many of our clients in various capacities.

Matt Mamula

Over the past several years Matt has worked as both a freelance videographer/editor and independent documentary filmmaker taking part in all aspects of production from directing/producing to shooting/editing to overseeing, client relations, graphic design and final delivery of products.

As an independent documentary filmmaker, his short and feature films have played in numerous film festivals across the country and his latest feature documentary “Just About Famous” was released on VOD and Netflix. As a freelance videographer & editor, Matt has shot numerous events, conducted interviews, and done many promotional spots for small businesses and various corporate clients.

Whether working with a small business client or larger corporate client, Matt stays versed in all aspects of production to ensure that the product is delivered as requested, that the product is of exceptional quality. We are pleased to have Matt work for our Bachmann & Associates clients.

Jeff Zipay_Bachmann & Associates

Jeffrey Scott Zipay

Jeff has been blessed to have the opportunity to make a living from his two passions. The first is in photography & video production and the second as a US Sailing Certified Instructor.

In addition to his advertising assignment work for Bachmann & Associates, he is a Google Certified and Trusted Photographer. Jeff has traveled on assignment for a worldwide list of clients and advertising agencies producing both stills and video productions.

Whether teaching sailing to adults & children, or shooting stills and video, he brings to everything he does his many years of creative experience, determination and love of sharing creative ideas.

Jeff has worked with Bill Bachmann for over 20 years in many capacities and has also traveled the world with him on many assignments. He has photographed assignments for various Bachmann & Associates clients and they have come to trust Jeff’s unique vision.

Brenda Kapsak

Brenda Kapsak can be described as a Renaissance woman with multifaceted artist, spiritual and business interests. She moved to Orlando from New Jersey with her family. Immediately, she began to develop her artistic and spiritual side through local church activities and school arts programs. Her theater, modeling, photography and painting pursuits were soon recognized by the community and friends, leading to scholarship funding and a variety of arts-related jobs.

After working in a number of industries professionally, Brenda realized her interest in photography and painting was more than just a hobby. She focuses on photography professionally and her shooting has become a valuable part of the services the Bachmann & Associates team offers. She also has strong marketing abilities and these are also utilized in the B&A company. Many of our clients talk with Brenda initially to discuss their individual photography needs and strategies.

Brenda has worked with Bill Bachmann for many years as a staff photographer, a marketing guru and even a model several times. She is multi-talented and a wonderful person that clients have come to depend on in our business.

Copyright Statement

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