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Top 5 Reasons Everyone Needs a Good Headshot:

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1. Everyone needs one!   It used to be that only senior executives or people in creative fields (actors, models, performers, etc.) needed an up-to-date headshot, but that’s definitely not the case anymore!  Today, people of all occupations and levels should consider a professional headshot as the first step towards building your  “personal brand”.   And it doesn’t need to be “stiff-corporate-bank-executive-photo” with a creepy old backdrop either, we do a lot of “casual” head shots both indoors and outdoors for people who need a professional image that expresses their individuality.  People tend to do business with those they know, like and trust.  Having a professional headshot helps people feel like they know you before you’ve ever even met. 

2. How do you want to be seen by the world?   I’m sure you already know that more and more people will now “google” you before considering getting into a business or personal relationship with you?  Your headshot is often the first impression you make, and as we all know – first impressions are very long-lasting.  Most people want to be seen as friendly, confident, approachable and trustworthy.  Does the cell phone snapshot you are currently using convey that?

3. You just might need one tomorrow!   You might be thinking that there is no reason you need a professional headshot – but that may change overnight.   A good percentage of people that call us for a session have a “headshot crisis” – a local newspaper is running an article on them, they were asked to submit one with the job application, they need to create a professional online profile, and they need it ASAP!   Make sure you are ready when that request comes!

4. You want to look professional.  You definitely need a polished professional looking image to convey your level of professionalism.   If you are using a cropped picture from a New Year’s party as your professional headshot, you might be sending the wrong message about your business.

5. Social media profiles.   If you are active on social media (and who isn’t?), it’s important to have a headshot that reflects well on you (and your business).  It’s recommended that you use the same image across all social media platforms to create consistent look and start building “brand recognition”.  In addition, people are less likely to click on a LinkedIn or Facebook profile if it is missing a photo, and they are less likely to believe a blog or a comment posted by an anonymous avatar.  We are a fast paced visual society now and we all naturally gravitate towards happy and friendly images.

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