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Whatever Lola Wants Lola Gets!! (Lola the studio PUPPY that is….)


We know you’re saying it! Isn’t she precious! Lola Bear is our 7 week old mixed breed studio puppy and beautiful lady model! (well technically she’s our studio foster puppy, but shhhhhh don’t tell her!)

We are currently working with Battisti’s Furry Friends (B.F.F.) animal rescue and fostering this precious little girl for several weeks until she’s ready for her permanent home.

Check out more about B.F.F. at https://www.facebook.com/pages/BFF-Rescues/679566555462093

Stop by the studio to see her!! She loves friends!!

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Woof Gang Bakery Product Shoot!


Working with Woof Gang Bakery has been an absolute pleasure! What a great company and such a fun shoot with puppies!! Who doesn’t want to spend the day taking photos of happy dogs with bones! It may have been a bit of a challenge to get that perfect shot but I think we did it! How cute are they?!?!

P.S. These dog treats are delicious! We may have tasted them…. those cookies are delish!


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